Everyone agrees that nitrogen leaks slower from your tires than compressed air. We also agree that properly inflated tires will create better fuel efficiency, and have longer tread life. Switching the world’s tire inflation standard from compressed air to nitrogen, as the new and improved tire inflation gas, will create immediate and supremely positive short and long term effects on the global sustainability efforts. Please take a moment to view this very informative video featuring Jay Leno who speaks about the many other benefits of using nitrogen in your tires.

Environmentally: Due to its increased molecular size nitrogen permeates through the tire at a much slower rate. The larger molecule allows the tire to maintain the correct PSI for greater periods of time which will increase the vehicle’s gas mileage. Studies have shown that the increase in gas mileage by be 3% or more. During the conversion of the tire the vast majority of the oxygen is removed which will lower the oxidative process of the rubber in the tire. The combination of the two, longer periods of correct tire inflation with increased gas mileage, and less oxidation of the rubber compounds will reduce our need for fossil fuels, lower our carbon footprint, and we would have fewer tires in the landfill. Converting to nitrogen will make every tire more environmentally friendly.

Socially: We will be healthier by breathing cleaner air due to the reduced CO2 emissions created by using less fuel. Nitrogen is a cool, dry, inert non-combustible
gas so our families and employees would enjoy greater safety on the road by using more stable and cooler running tires less prone to catastrophic failures.  A safer vehicle means fewer deaths on our highways, and lowered medical costs.

Economically: Converting the average consumer’s tires is very affordable and can be completed in a short period of time, and depending upon their individual driving habits each person should see their return on investment in a very short period of time as they will have fewer trips to the gas pumps and increased tire and tread life. Fleet Managers will reduce their fleet operating expenses from several thousands of dollars to many millions of dollars, per year, depending upon the size of their fleet.

Culturally: Nitrogen has already been already been excepted as the tire inflation standard for the FAA. Additionally NASCAR, and many Corporations are also using nitrogen. This leads us to believe that everyone should be educated on the benefits of nitrogen as a tire inflation gas. The process can easily be understood, accepted, afforded, and completed by all.